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Sacred Geometry and Empowerment

I BELIEVE that acquisition of knowledge, accretion of light and attainment of high frequency is an on-going process…

The more open a person is to receive, learn and integrate knowledge, the higher level of consciousness and opportunities are presented to them for self-empowerment and ultimate mastery!

A beginner's mind is a key to learn and receive profoundly...

As a student of science and technology, I always had this clear understanding of all creations as a miraculous composite of color, shape, sound and unique genetic markups. I have lived my life (till to date) in an awe of the Divine Creator’s creations via my interaction with sacred geometry; within and around…

In our daily life, we witness sacred geometry in everything and everywhere... the universe communicates with us in sound tones, colors and geometrical shapes... our conscious and sub-conscious mind understands the language of sacred geometry. Our higher dimensional aspects are completely in-sync with this phenomena.

Since early times in my life, I coveted to assist in making life easy for myself and others. I had continually been an advocate of EMPOWERMENT and worked on transforming problems into solutions. This is one of the reason I acquired educational degrees in the field of Computer Sciences, Genetics and Clinical Research. The core reason was always to find answers for the underlying issues and to provide robust solutions.

Regardless of my professional pursuits and success, I was always looking for a deep meaningful contribution on a soul level. My quest for the realization of my soul purpose stopped after my first encounter with the energy work. It was a distant energetic session for aura clearing back in year 2003.

Experiencing energy work, was and still is a very humbling and rewarding experience for myself along with several of my clients and students. That one aura clearing session in 2003 was enough for me to understand the power of intent and high frequencies for healing and energetic clarity. Later, I got the opportunities to interact with the Codes of AH© as living codes of consciousness. This interaction along with received knowledge, shifted my understanding of science and spirituality to yet another higher level of wonderment!

I learnt through several years of training and practice in the field of quantum healing tools and using Codes of AH©, that the manifestation template (our DNA) governs the function of our body and consciousness. So, when we choose consciously to interact with the sound tones, color and symbols, we actually engage our consciousness to create a pattern of energy that has a specific vibrational signature or TONAL SOUND SIGNATURE. This energy directly interfaces with the energetic vibrational sound signature of the DNA - our manifestation template’s scalar grid. This interaction brings tangible shifts on all level of human health and awareness (mind, body and spirit).

The practice of Codes of AH© brings together the dynamics of science (quantum physics) and sanctity.

Codes of AH© have always been created and practiced based on this BELIEF that there is no higher power other than GOD’s and the power of our intentions and what we choose to accept as the TRUTH. Trusting the self-healing potential of each individual is an important aspect of this practice thereby, each energetic prescription (code) becomes a tool to support this power within!

Using Codes of AH© and energetic clearings has facilitated all aspects of my personal and professional pursuits. It became clearer for me that working with higher frequency quantum tools allows oneself to easily think and make choices for the highest good of all creations. A balance between science, spirituality and humanity!

Copyrights of Codes of AH© belongs to Ivonne Delaflor, president of Higher School for Conscious Evolution and Delaflor Teaching Academy.

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