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My name is Shazia Naz Subhani. By profession, I am an accomplished Information Technology Specialist with a wealth of experience in IT Project Management. As the CEO of Can.Indigo Solutions Inc., my mission is to revolutionize various industries through cutting-edge IT solutions.

I am a fervent advocate for empowerment, ensuring that the IT solutions I provide alleviate any hurdles in users' day-to-day tasks, allowing them to focus on more intricate responsibilities with seamless ease and convenience.

In the realm of quantum healing practice, my journey began in 2003 when I encountered the transformative tools known as Codes of AH. Instantly, I recognized that this was my true calling, which is to play a role in shifting collective consciousness and contributing to a global solution for harmony, success, and positive outcomes across all facets of life. In pursuit of this soul-driven mission, I immersed myself in learning and mastering various quantum healing modalities, particularly the Codes of AH. These modalities have empowered me to not only navigate my own life purpose, but also to extend a helping hand to thousands trapped in poverty consciousness, karmic imprints, and negativity across various aspects of their lives.


Since 2003, I have been devotedly learning, practicing, and teaching these quantum healing tools. This dedication has earned me a reputation for guiding thousands worldwide towards genuine empowerment and profound clarity across all dimensions of their lives.

As a passionate advocate for empowerment and a firm believer in the power of inspired action, I thrive on collaborating with individuals who exude these dynamic qualities.


Gift Sessions for YOUR Empowerment

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Following are my certifications in the field of Quantum Healing Modalities:

  • Remote Viewing Practitioner and Trainer

  • Certified Soulcology for Success Practitioner and Trainer

  • Certified Master and Advanced Avatar DNA Activation Practitioner and Trainer

  • A Graduate from Ascended Masters Teaching Academy

  • Certified Karma Clearing Master Healer Practitioner and Trainer

  • Certified Auric Clearing Master Healer Practitioner and Trainer

  • Certified Unnatural Seals Clearing Practitioner and Trainer

  • Certified Golden DNA 1.0 and 2.0 Practitioner

  • Certified Codes of AH Practitioner (Advanced Level)

  • Certified On-Line Transcendental Re birthing Level 1,2 Practitioner

  • Certified “Great Master” Program Facilitator

  • Quantum Touch Facilitator

  • Reiki Practitioner

My mission is:

To leave a legacy of absolute harmony, congruency, coherence, self- mastery and self-healing powers  for the future generation...

My Slogan:




    Skype: NazSubhani

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