Contact me at to become member of a committed, high frequency group "The Guardians"

Guardians is a name given for a dedicated group of individuals who are to work together for a collective shift of awareness and consciousness at this present time.


Using Quantum Healing Tools namely Codes of AH along with powerful holographic tools and cosmic energies, this group focuses on inner and global healing, self-actualization, self-empowerment, planetary grids clearings and high frequency activations.  


One of the extraordinary advantages of this membership is initiating a deep level of soul level clearing and awakening your soul-purpose. Whether you are just beginning your journey into spirituality or you’ve been on your path for years, the work done during monthly Guardian sessions will show you how to find peace, harmony and clarity to create your ideal life and serve your soul purpose at the same time. There is nothing more satisfying then becoming an advocate of higher dimensional frequencies and a light worker for the planet.


New monthly session for the Guardian will begin from October 06, 2019. 


Downloadable recordings for sessions will be shared within group members for continuation of empowerment and support.

If you are resonating with the idea and wish to be a part of this focused high frequency group then there is a very special offer for a one year membership.


Contact me at for enrollment.