When there are distortions in your DNA template, you will also have distortions in your consciousness, cognition, understanding, and perception. Due to various influences as well as problems with the Earth’s grids, most people’s DNA is only functioning at about 3% of its original capability. So there is a lot of work to be done to restore the Original Organic Imprint for Health and activate the parts of the DNA template that help one progress spiritually and attain their TRUE POTENTIAL.


The main purpose of activating dormant DNA and removing distortions from both the chemical DNA and the DNA template is to allow a person to EMBODY their Higher self and expand their consciousness.

DNA Activation and energy healing help restore your DNA strands original blueprint, highest frequency holding potential and expand your consciousness. The potential encoded in human DNA Template is so called 12 strand Diamond Sun DNA Template, which allows human to embody 12 dimensions of consciousness. For the Indigo Children  various templates exist, allowing 12 to 48 dimensions of consciousness.

The people living on the Earth can only receive the types of frequencies that are available to Earth itself, so we've basically been in a frequency fence for a very long time. But, in January 2000, these 12th dimensional frequencies were re-anchored here as some of the grids were repaired and thus this is why 12 strands DNA Activation has been re-introduced to humanity - because it's now possible. 

The goal of doing DNA sessions is to help a person activate their TRUE POTENTIAL, as guided by the Higher self, and activate as much as they are ready for, based on their level of spiritual development. Just activating one additional strand of DNA will give substantial benefits to the person, because in the past, this took many, many lifetimes to accomplish. 

In the Master DNA clearing and activation sessions energetic blockages and implants that currently are blocking your DNA to activate naturally are cleared. This is important, because most people have many blockages which are of lower frequencies, which are hindering DNA activation and holding the higher frequencies. The removal of energetic blockages is done from your pineal gland, pituitary gland, hypothalamus and medulla oblongata and all the 15 chakras. By removing blockages from all 15 chakras, brain centers and DNA template means to restore them to their original divine function.

Codes are the KEYS… Supporting a more awakened and conscious HUMANITY!

Through the powerful frequencies of Golden DNA 2.0 Codes of AH©, the humanity is called to STEP UP and AWAKEN to its full energetic potential, embracing its DIVINITY with COMPLETE RESPONSIBILITY and to FOCUS on creating BRILLIANCY in all areas of LIFE. 

The Golden DNA codes are sacred geometrical structured mandalas which are encoded with specific imagery, intentions, prayers, colors, subliminal incantations, sacred commands, and hertz frequencies to induce deep states of meditation and transcendental experiences.

Each code is a SACRED MASTER PIECE! 

An UPGRADE of the soul software, which we call soul records, allowing HIGHER dimensional information to descend inside of you from your higher self and serving to activate accretion of more and more DIVINE light. 
The LIGHT which is an inspiration for many ASCENDED MASTERS and GREAT CHANGERS of the world…

YOUR conscious, subconscious and super conscious mind welcomes the activations of these POWERFUL CODES which gets activated on a cellular memory level as a reminder of LIFE itself.

As a part of my soul mission, I am honored and excited as I get the privilege to serve others an area that is KEY for the ascension of Humanity, Mother Earth and for the Personal and Professional success of all who choose to receive these powerful activation.
These activation are a way to increase one ́s potential, well-being and progress in life by strengthening the healer within as well as to serve as a support during the healing process of any physical, emotional or mental discomfort.

The sequence of doing these DNA sessions is to start with Master DNA Activations (3 sessions),  then Golden DNA Activations 1.0 (3 sessions) and finally Golden DNA Activations 2.0 (3 sessions). This package of nine (9) sessions COMPLETES the integration of the HIGHEST possible frequencies and template activation.

If YOU are READY to take on these high frequencies which are required at this important time of the planetary ascension then confirm your registration today either for the entire package (9 sessions) or for separate package (3 sessions) per package.

Entire Package:                                                                              Individual Package:


A Transformational Journey

CODES of AH Sessions


Clear the Slate


Words alone cannot describe the level of shifts that takes place when you start this journey with me to embrace the TRUE, EMPOWERED YOU!

This work requires YOUR utmost commitment and dedication and is ONLY for the one's who are serious about their life and desire a CHANGE in all aspects of their undertakings. The weekly session will take you through intense work on yourself with HIGH FREQUENCY CLEARINGS, ACTIVATIONS, LEARNING'S AND ACTION PLANS.


Together we explore all areas of YOUR life that requires transformation including personal choices, relations, studies, jobs, businesses, marketing etc. 

If YOU really want a CHANGE in your life and business then this program is DEFINITELY for YOU.




The Codes of AH© created by Ivonne Delaflor* are sacred geometrical structured mandalas consisting of sound, color, the golden ratio principles, numerology, many hours of chant, meditation and light. These codes are filled with the golden frequencies of AH and express the same subtle and harmless energy as the homeopathic frequencies and flower essences. The power of the codes resides in the simplicity of their use. 

All sacred codes carry highest energy vibrations and work mostly on the subconscious mind. They are used to unveil our self healing and potential powers we all carry within. Moreover, once energetic blockages are cleared on the subconscious level then physical discomfort has no reason to manifest in our body anymore.

How are the sessions conducted:

The sessions consist of 60 minutes individual coaching.

I match the intention of the client with a specific Code of AH
© (same principle as choosing a flower remedy) and with special techniques the code will clear on subconscious level any frequency in mind, soul or body which is not resonating with the client's intention and purpose of life. This enables the client to heal him/herself from within on all levels of the awareness.

These sessions are a great way of experiencing higher frequencies and for attracting new opportunities, people, places times and events in your life. Remember, your frequency and thought forms determine your reality!

I offer tailored sessions around the following areas:

  • Clearing Auric Field 

  • Clearing Karmic Imprints

  • Clearing Un-natural Seals and Implants

  • Attracting Absolute Financial Abundance

  • Harmonizing Relationships

  • Crown of Thorns Clearings

  • Personal Powers and Success Activation

  • Improved Memory and Focus

  • Hormones and Chakra Balancing

  • Removal of Body Dysmorphic Disorders/ Eating Disorders

  • Attaining Absolute Physical Fitness

  • Life Mission Awareness Activation

  • Removal of Insomnia and Depression

  • Advanced Elemental Codes of AH sessions for Self-healing and Empowerment

  • TAO Codes of AH Series 1, 2, 3. Four (4) Sessions with 12 Codes per series


And many more sessions which I offer after matching your requirement. The details around each tailored session is given at the time of your scheduled session with me.

You may either identify one of the above listed sessions that you desire to take or send me a brief email at about the area in your life where you require more harmony and higher frequencies to embody in order to experience your life more joyfully and with self-mastery.

The options for 1-1 sessions are:

  • In my physical presence (For those in Riyadh)

  • GoToWebinar session (Recordings of session will also be available for download after the live session)


Disclaimer: The Codes of AH© sessions do not replace any medical intervention, they are used to increase one's own self-healing and self-mastery powers.

* Ivonne Delaflor , creator of the Codes of AH© and president of Delaflor Teachings International.

Every experience in our life that we undergo gets stored as a memory on a cellular level of our bodies. In ancient times when there were no energetic distortions with grids of the planet and human DNA were correctly aligned, cleared from any distortions and blockages; the experiences which a person used to undergo used to get cleared quickly. However, due to the manipulations done on human DNA and planetary grid by fallen races, the created energetic blockages do not allow these experiences to get clear and thus stays in the cellular memories of a person consciously or unconsciously; unless energetically cleared.

A person's health and experience of life (a person's reality) has its basis in holographically-recorded attitudes, beliefs, and emotions and these are the magnetic forces that underlie illness or health, attract and repel potential experiences, relationships to others, and shape our world view. By removing important blockages and unwanted attachments from the "unseen" or "subtle" bodies and unplugging them from the neural networks of the brain at a quantum level, a person's life starts to change and bloom.

In the Clear the Slate Package, I offer 3 clearing sessions.

In the first session I clear ids (identities), occupants, portals, wormholes, discarnate and other negative entities attachments from a person's energetic field and embodied chakras thereby, raising their frequency and enhancing their personal flourishing. In this session the highest priority blockages, thought-forms and auric attachments are cleared which are responsible for the greatest pain or suffering experiences in a person's  life.

In the second and third sessions I provide extensive clearing from all Karmic imprints and ancestral karma with the main focus to transmute the highest priority karmic contracts such as; decisions, truths, concepts, alignments, oaths, vows, unresolved emotions and attitudes held consciously and unconsciously so you can own the golden hidden wisdom within these experiences within you. All identities of unworthiness, undeservedness, poverty consciousness, guilt, shame and grief is cleared during these sessions.

When YOU receive clearing from ancestral karma then YOU begin a completely NEW mode of life with clarity and freedom from all limiting believes and thought forms that YOU have received from your Genetic Parents at the time of conception. By addressing the identities in the session that don’t resonate with your Higher self – I will enable your subconscious to let go of many things that no longer serve you. Without the conscious mind getting into the way, the subconscious resonates with this truth quite well because the Higher self knows what's best for YOU!

During the session and particularly at the end, when everything is released, the life force that was tied up in the attachments then returns through the subtle bodies. This means more life force circulates throughout the body.

In order to move forward with YOUR life mission and to have a clear energy field, this clearing is the basic requirement and a MUST, prior to any further energy clearings and DNA activation.

Who are YOU on a SOUL LEVEL?

Jump start YOUR life with Empowerment and Brilliancy with a Soulcology for Success Reading

Soulcology for Success session include your soul profile reading followed by clearing of soul level restrictions and blockages and giving you a complete road map to jump start your life with empowerment and brilliancy! 

Pre-requisites for the reading are:

  •   Current Full Name; including middle name

  •   Full name given at birth

  •   Date of birth

  •   Place of birth

  •   Your intention for the session (the desired outcome from the session).


This reading during one-to-one session will assist you to recognize your own wisdom and innate gifts that you have bought to this world. The information given to you during the session assists in bringing YOUR fully empowered self in this play of your life. I will assist you in learning about your energy centers which once embodied will move you to the next level of personal and professional growth with deep satisfaction. You will learn about your soul origination group, your soul specialization and your soul group traits and talents which will allow you to recognize your soul family, will bring about clarity of what you are meant to accomplish in your life on the planet and which areas are best for you to take as your pursuit for success and happiness.

The empowered self is acknowledged all the way through this process, in which the client’s soul rejuvenation  is supported by clearing ancestral lines, imprints, traumatic events, curses, vows, golden web tears, healing past wounds and freeing from entanglements, the client comes to the awakening of complete brilliancy and harmony in their life.

When you reconnect with your Soul destiny and Family, you will find a regeneration of this perspective. It opens the door for you to ignite you in the largest sense!


Soulcology session does not aim to replace any medical and/or psychological intervention. It is rather a modality to assist humanity to understand their innate gifts and talents and align themselves accordingly.

Soulcology session is conducted via GoToWebinar.