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Soul Clearing

There is a distinct and definite knowing inside

each one of us that there is a greater purpose of our life to fulfill. This knowing is encoded within each one of us as we all have been gifted with a soul which is meant to fulfil its purpose in every given life-time.

Are you aware that our souls can get lost or can be fragmented?

Do you have a feeling that there is no purpose of life or you are not seeing yourself having any purpose?

Would you like to learn how you can get back to your original soul capacity?

If yes then read on…

A soul can become "lost," or fragmented in a way that may leave a person feeling incomplete which often results in losing the sight of one’s life-purpose.

Essentially, there are 617 different “pieces” of vibrational substance that make up your soul. These are called soul facets. Soul facets gets fragmented during the episode of extreme trauma and high levels of emotions such as desperation, fear, anger, or victimization. Also one can lose their soul facets during physical accidents. As you can imagine, losing soul facets can seriously diminish a person's overall quality of life.

We are in a Universe where “like attracts like”, and if you are carrying negativity regarding a past issue that revolves around, say, the energy of “trauma”, what do you think you are going to attract more of? More than likely, you will only attract more episodes of trauma. This will result in losing more of the soul facets and eventually becoming a victim of life, where the soul loses integrity and ceases to exist as an entity. This translates into a life with no purpose which invites all kind of negative energies. The problem is that when a person operates from the perspective of negativity, a part of them becomes like that energy and begins to attract more of it.

This is precisely what makes a Soul Clearing so valuable. A Soul Clearing clears all soul level blockages and facilitates the retrieval of lost soul facets. Alongside, this clearing gives insight into why you are experiencing your current life difficulties, as well as why these difficulties are repeating themselves over and over in your life.

Having a Soul Clearing is a life-changing experience that will give you an entirely new perspective on your life.. It is truly the greatest gift you can give yourself and to your Soul.

Contact me at for a personalized soul clearing session and start living a life which is gifted to you to serve your soul purpose. Come to the LIGHT you are...

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