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What is Sacred Geometry and Codes of AH©

Sacred Geometry has been a topic of study since the times of Plato, Pythagoras and others. The word Geometry itself means "Earth measure".

Scientists studying the geometry embedded in all of creation have stated that: “If we consider the symmetry and order which govern all the works of creation, we must admit that geometry pervades the universe. By geometry we may curiously trace nature through her various winding to her most concealed recesses; by it we discover how the planets move in their respective orbits and demonstrate their various revolutions; by it we account for the return of the seasons and the variety of the scenes which each season displays to the discerning eye. By it we discover the power, wisdom and goodness of the Grand Artificer of the Universe and view with delight the proportions which connect the vast machine" So in a nutshell, geometry, or sacred art, as it is known in many spiritual traditions, is created for the achievement of states of inner beauty, in architecture of harmonic spaces, and to support peaceful or transcendental states of meditation.

The Codes of AH© are sacred geometry received and designed by Ivonne Delaflor, president of the Delaflor Teachings Academy.

Be aware though that these codes DO NOT have any magical powers other than that which people choose to give to them. While the creation process of this art is a very spiritual process, understand that the ONLY POWER lies within YOU! Any tool such as mandalas, mantras, books, teachings, are all means for empowerment to enhance, to bring awareness, to empower and to support what is already within YOU. Remember: There is no higher power other than GOD's and the power of our intentions and what we CHOOSE to believe in! The Codes of AH have always been created to be a reminder of this power.

Disclaimer: The Codes of AH© sessions do not replace any medical intervention, they are used to increase one's own self-healing and self-mastery powers.

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