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Our DNA is a transmitter of information. It is our consciousness paired with the wisdom of the heart that allows shifts to happen within. However, due to all the energetic blockages and manipulation of our DNA template the acquisition of higher realities with ultimate abundance, joy and success becomes a real challenge unless handled with energetic clearings and activation of the underlying energetic DNA template.

Everything is about frequency! Our DNA is the frequency controller and projector for us; the more activation of energetic DNA we do, the more we raise our frequency!

Your raised frequencies then brings a higher grid of opportunities along with higher grid of people, places, times, things and events in your life. You start resonating and getting along well with the same frequency holding beings and those who do not resonate with your frequencies fall away from your reality. So there is no more drama and chaos in your life as your frequencies through the energetic clearings and DNA activation starts working for you. You are only REQUIRED to continue working on your energetic template.

Having these high frequencies allows your intentions to manifest more quickly. As your activate more strands of your energetic DNA template, you are then able to embody your higher self, clear out all the energetic blockages, become lighter and aware of your soul's mission on the planet.

The activation is necessary to manifest and acquire higher frequencies. Since we are in the middle of an ascension cycle (happening now), it is mandatory to have ourselves ready to embody the incoming high frequencies from various galactic and universal systems. By holding these incoming higher frequencies, we as the frequency holder for the planet will be directing these frequencies through our DNA into the earth’s grid of our respective planetary locations; thereby raising the frequencies of the entire planet and ascending the planet and humanity as a whole.

With the activation of your energetic DNA template you begin to tap into the infinite potential in your human experience. Why would you be limited to any limited perceptions, while the universe is abundant and omniscient! The creator is within you as an omniscient and omnipresence. So take an inspired ACTION and contact me to receive complete DNA activation so YOU can attain YOUR highest energetic holding potential and start moving towards a life of your dreams with complete EMPOWERMENT.

Contact me at to schedule your DNA activation so YOU can embody YOUR TRUE POTENTIAL.

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