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To meet your destiny, you first must meet your Purpose...

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Joy will surely ROCK thy core;
As thee trend along the purpose of thy soul…
                                              ~ Shazia

Living a purposeful life is like moving with the flow effortlessly just like water… flowing without resistance or preferences…

Everyone comes with a purpose and every individuation has a reason for their existence. However, knowing the purpose is vital for a meaningful and contented life.

Are YOU aware of what your soul purpose is?

Why have you been sent at this present time on the planet?

Is there an inner calling which you are not paying attention to?

How to Know what YOUR Purpose Is?

What do you do best?

What do you do more easily?

What brings you joy?

What makes you wake up each morning with excitment?

What do you look forward to spend time on?

What makes you forget about passage of time?

What attracts your attention?

Once you answer these questions, you can easily understand YOUR passion. and once YOU identify your passion, you wake up to your PURPOSE!

There are some key areas to live a purposeful life:

• When YOU take responsibility of YOUR Choices and Actions.

• When YOU follow-through with Authenticity.

• When YOU have the yearn for Continued Personal Growth...

• When fear DOES NOT govern your life.

• When YOU learn from failures rather than giving in to them.

• When YOU practice Focus in completing your tasks.

• When YOU are aligned with YOUR Guidance.

These bulleted points when become a part of your routine life then YOU are truly living a purposeful life…

Remember: The day YOU will realize the real purpose of your life, is the day YOU will wake up to the true meaning of your life on the planet.

Walk through Thy path with Purpose;
Instill Thy Purpose with Mastery!
                                    ~ Shazia

Stay Empowered and Live Thy Purpose!

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