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Your Frequency - Key to Success

“Living with High Frequency is a Choice YOU make in every NOW Moment.” ~ Shazia

We all vibrate energetically at a particular frequency. The lower the frequency, the denser the energy, and the heavier the problems seem.

The higher the frequency, the lighter a person feels in their physical, emotional, and mental bodies. Life flows without challenges and problems because of the level of your frequency grid.

Your frequency impacts everything that comes within your frequency range. Choosing to stay at a higher vibration requires firm commitment though as every single thought and emotion around that thought impacts the graph of your frequency.

When you choose love over hatred, empathy over apathy, cooperation over separation, you are making a conscious choice to vibrate at a higher frequency. Following through with basic human values such as honesty, truth, peace and love etc. puts you into a higher frequency band; eliminating drama, chaos and negativity from your interactions.

According to the Law of Oneness, everything is connected to every other thing. You are already connected with what you want. It is now up to the level of your acquired frequency that you achieve your goals as per your plan of action. Your frequency presents to you higher opportunities, the key is to be conscious of YOUR level of attained frequency and using the power of choice for taking Inspired actions towards your goals….

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