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What Blocks a Person from Attaining Financial Abundance?

Playing small is not a default characteristic of humanity. Humans are meant to rise above all constraints and to live an empowered life full of vitality and abundance.

Every Individual has THE SAME OPPORTUNITY to acquire ABUNDANCE!

The biggest thing holding back most people from receiving abundance are their limiting thoughts and beliefs about money and richness.

Self-realization and self-mastery are THE KEYS to rise above limitations and to redesign reality. When you let go of your inner resistance and choose to transform the roadblocks preventing you from succeeding in your life instead of remaining stuck behind them, it becomes easier to send out the vibration of your desires from your heart and allow the manifestation energy to flow through you.

Everything responds to your feelings, even money. So often people feel frustrated, disappointed, sad and fearful about money. But money is about bliss, love and joy.

Abundance, like age, is a state of mind. In fact it is the space from which one operates and see the reality!

Limiting believes and self-sabotage are your worst enemy. Statements like:

  • I’ll never be rich

  • There’s never enough for me

  • I’m not good enough

  • I’ll never be happy

These self-limiting beliefs keeps you stuck in the scarcity Loop. When you believe that money is not within your grasp, you get discouraged and give up. Or worse, you may not even try to find solutions.

Also, one of the reasons for staying stuck in poverty consciousness is the way you have seen your parents and elders handling money. Sit for sometime and rewind your memory records to see what kind of attitude you have witnessed around abundance during your growing up times. If you have witnessed your parents playing small and telling you that they don't have enough or they cannot afford your demands. If you heard them telling you that you are not worthy of having abundance or you do not deserve this or that etc. then guess what, your mind got programmed to stay in the loop of poverty, lack and limitations..

To get yourself out from these financial blocks and limitation patterns and programs, you require to take an ACTION and clear these programs from your mental and energy bodies. You require to start trusting that Universe can provide you as much as you desire. You require to believe in yourself to tune into the flow of abundance and attract abundance easily. There are ways you can learn and practice to empower yourself on all levels of your awareness and especially financial abundance. Visit the offered training under the Training tab to see how you can Master the Financial Abundance.

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