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Impact of Sounds, Colors and Symbols

We all understand things much easily when details are given to us in our native language, right! Similarly, our Higher Self which is nobody other than ourselves in the higher dimensional levels, understands and communicates using it's native language which is the language of sound tones, colors and symbols.

Spoken languages are a form of TONING, with accompanying symbolic representation (alphabets). Like all symbols and sacred tones, our 3D language directly affects the level of consciousness that can manifest through our body. You may have noticed the impact of certain languages when spoken.. some sound melidious, while other sounds harsh and hard on ears. Why do you think you feel and sense sound of a spoken language differently? It's because sound is a scaler wave program which directly affect our manifestation template, our DNA.

People across the globe uses colors and symbols in various forms within their home and office decor. Usage of sound tones during meditation is a common practice and I am sure you too understand the impact of soothing colors and sound tones for acquiring peace of mind and relaxation of body.

Understand that the Manifestation Template ( your DNA) governs the function of your body and consciousness and when we choose to use sound tones, color and symbols in our 3D reality, we actually engage our conciousness to create a pattern of energy that has a specific vibrational signature or TONAL SOUND SIGNATURE. This energy directly interfaces with the energetic vibrational sound signature of the DNA which is our manifestation template’s scalar grid.

Experiencing energy work using scalar wave programs (quantum healing tools) is a very humbeling and rewarding experience. I invite you to explore the unlimited possibilities and potentials by using quantum healing techniques which are energetic prescriptions well known to YOUR HIGHER SELF more than any 3D language and 3D healing modality.

Quantum healing tools facilitates the following and much more...

• Clearing negativity from the energetic field (humans, animals, people, places, events). • Clearing karmic baggage (personal, planetry and ancestral) . • Activation of your manifestation template to it's highest energitic holding potential. • Embodiement of YOUR Soul Purpose. • Mastering your holographic reality.

• Impacting the collective positively with your thoughts and choices.

Contact me at for more details about healing and training sessions using quantum healing tools.

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