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The Law of Deservedness

Do YOU know that one of the most important laws in the Universe is the Law of Deservedness?

This law states that you will only manifest in your life what you FEEL you deserve at a subconscious level. So if you receive more than what you believe, then either you self- sabotage or push the blessings and opportunities away.

What happens that feelings of undeservedness keeps a person blocked from receiving abundance in their lives. There are feelings of uncertainty within a person that stays around financial abundance, harmonious relations and life changing opportunities…

The feelings of undeservedness are due to hypnotic beliefs and ancestral legacy!

One way to understand why there are feelings of undeservedness within you is to look back and see what your elders, parents or teachers used to tell you around finances, abundance and success. Do you have any such memories? The feelings of undeservedness around love, success, abundance and happiness is an energetic blockage and is created usually at an early age through constant reminders from parents or elders that they do not have enough and that YOU cannot have what you desire as it is too difficult or impossible for them... So you ended up believing what they said created a mental program around undeservedness and till today, are living with it!

Have a quick look into your life and see if you were subjected to such episodes and how, as of NOW, it is reflected in your life.

If YOU have identities of undeservedness, unworthiness, shame and guilt within you then it's time to CLEAR them for good and rise above these low frequency identities to move forward in life with DESERVEDNESS, EMPOWERMENT and CLARITY

REMEMBER: Any energetic blockage can only be dealt with and cleared with energy!

To receive this priceless clearing from me, contact me on:

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