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Are YOU CLEAR from Energetic Blockages?

Take this short test to see if YOU have Auric Attachments.

Just answer Yes or No.

• Do you feel drained and unmotivated to perform your routine tasks? • Do you feel blocked and restricted from moving forward in life? • Do you feel stuck in negative repeated patterns? • Do you know what needs to be done but have no energy to do it? • Do you have feelings of victimization, shame, guilt and fear? • Do you feel that you cannot speak your truth and communicate easily with others?

A YES answer to any of the above questions means that you are living with energetic baggage and auric attachments and are relating these BIG problems in your life to your luck, people and circumstances! So now it's time to LET GO of all these problems as YOU are the ONLY one creating YOUR REALITY!

One of the secrets that most of the people are unaware of is that there are souls beings around that you cannot see and some of these beings are very malicious. They are called DISCARNATES. These beings have died but have not gone through the tunnel to the plane of bliss! Discarnates are energy vampires and suck onto YOUR energy whenever you are resonating with low frequency emotions. YOU know that you have discarnates attached to you when YOU are angry, frustrated, depressed and not able to communicate with others without being triggered! If YOU are experiencing these emotions in your life then GETTING RID of discarnates is a MUST unless YOU choose to stay where you are and serve as their source of food!!

Main reasons for day to day complains like feeling tiredness, depressions, insomnia, unbalanced emotional states, limiting beliefs around finances, feeling insecure and unworthy etc. are due to auric attachments causing energetic blockages in the chakra system. Just like our bodies require circulation of blood at its optimum level for a profound healthy form; similarly, flow of primal life force energies through our embodied chakras; without any filters; is a must for a psychic balance of our energy systems.

For example: People who do not speak their truth, or are not able to communicate freely or are unable to raise their voice against criticism and injustice creates auric attachment in their throat chakra, thereby, manifesting a physical disease like throat infection, throat cancer and thyroid problem.

Also, having power and security related worries creates auric attachments in root and sacral chakras. One of the consequences of these auric attachments is having excessive weight around abdomen area; resulting in obesity.

Similarly, having a heart break or emotional set back in life, creates auric attachments in heart chakra which manifests as heart related diseases and restricts a person from accepting or giving love and operating from a level of unconditional love.

The frequency with which you vibrate and oscillate is controlled by YOUR auric field. Clearing ALL sorts of auric attachments ENERGETICALLY from YOUR energy field is the FIRST IMPORTANT STEP to maintain peace of mind, emotional and physical health and overall state of wellness and joy! This clearing assists you in raising YOUR frequency which is the key player in attracting new opportunities, people, places, times, things and events in YOUR life and eliminating all sort of drama from YOUR life.

If you are resonating with all this information then it's time to CLEAR your AURIC field and start a journey of TRUE EMPOWERMENT by working on yourself and raising your frequency which will thereby raise your grid of opportunities to attract a more prosperous and abundant life.


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