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Greetings Friends!

Do YOU know what governs OUR reality?   It's OUR frequency.

The universe understands only one language...The language of OUR FREQUENCY and NOT any human language.


If we do not change our frequency then we will remain stuck in the same old repeating patterns and problems; as our frequency determines our ability to shift our situation and ultimately OUR reality! 


Everyone has unseen energetic blockages that works as a frequency fence and keeps a person stuck in their routine stressful situation with negative and parasitic people along with financial lack and limitations. If we are energetically blocked then we will not be able to know our real purpose in this life time and will not be able to achieve the ABUNDANCE, SUCCESS and FREEDOM we desire.

No matter how much we try, until the SOURCE of the problem is removed energetically, the problem persists!

So are YOU willing to change YOUR life for GOOD and READY to:

  • make a final shift in YOUR Frequency, Consciousness and Awareness?

  • embody YOUR "Self Mastery" with ultimate EMPOWERMENT?

  • live a life with CLARITY, ABUNDANCE and CERTAINTY?

  • attain the realms of ABSOLUTE HARMONY where joy, love and freedom are flowing?

If you CHOOSE to say "YES" then I will be honored to assist and support you in YOUR TRANSFORMATIONAL JOURNEY...

So how can YOU reach YOUR full potential?

-  First get completely cleared from all negative entities and implants

-  Then get your DNA template activated to it's highest energetic holding potential

-  Receive a complete soul reading and soul clearing to learn about YOUR true self and YOUR soul purpose

-  Start making choices in line with your Higher Self (Your Personal Guide)

-  Learn to become more aware of YOUR choices and take inspired ACTIONS to reach your personal & financial goals.

Let's Get Started

Healing Sessions

  • Energetic Clearings 

    • Aura, Personal, Ancestral (Genetic)  and Planetary Clearings​

  • Unnatural Seals and Implants Clearing 

  • Crown of Thorns Clearing 

  • DNA Activation (Master DNA, Golden 1.0 and 2.0 DNA)

  • Soul Readings & Soul Level Clearings

  • Self-Realization and Self-Empowerment 

  • Healing of the Inner Child

  • Codes of AH© Personalized Sessions


Certification Trainings

  • Advanced Aura Clearing Master Healer Practitioner Certification

    • (Level 1 and level 2)

  • Advanced Karma Clearing Master Healer Practitioner Certification

    • (Level 1 and level 2)​

  • Unnatural Seals Clearing Practitioner Certification

  • Master DNA Activation Practitioner Certification

  • Advanced Avatar Practitioner Certification

  • The Great Master Program (awaken the Master within)

  • Masters of Soulcology Practitioner Certification

  • Solfeggio Hertz Frequencies Codes of AH© Certification

  • Brilliant Future Business Mind Mastery Codes of AH© Certification

  • Mastering Financial Abundance Training

  • Remote Viewing Training

  • Advanced Elemental Codes of AH Certification Training


       Certifications by:  Higher School for Conscious Evolution




    Skype: NazSubhani

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